About Pansing Hobby Shop

Pansing Hobby Shop aims to bring together the interesting commodities from around the world to Hong Kong/ Macau customers.  We wish our products could bring some fun to your daily life and become part of your daily life as per our slogan "Bring Up Your Hobby"!

Pansing Hobby Shop is a brand under Pansing Distribution HK. Pansing Distribution HK is one of the core businesses of Times Publishing (HK) Ltd, the subsidiary of Times Publishing Group in Singapore.


For more information of Pansing Distribution HK and Times Publishing (HK) Ltd, please visit www.pansing.com.hk . 

Our office address: 

Block C, 10/F., Seaview Estate, 2-8 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong 

For marketing collaboration enquiry, please email: [email protected] 

About Times Publishing (HK) Ltd

Times Publishing (HK) Ltd is the subsidiary of Times Publishing Group in Singapore. Pansing Distribution HK is one of the core businesses of Times Publishing (HK) Ltd, headquartered in Singapore.


At Pansing there are 5 main focuses :


1. Taking Relationships on a whole new meaning


we know our suppliers and customers are looking for more than just markets, products and services. They need a reliable partner who understands their business and one who is willing to engage with them in thinking and working through complex challenges and to devote the entire organisation’s collective talents and capabilities.


2. Relationships


listen to our partners to understand their business and goals, allowing us to recogise the business objectives. 


3. Thinking Together


value in Pansing relationship lies not only in the solutions we offer, but also in the ideas that we stimulate.


4. Building on Trust


with high standards and excellent track records, Pansing has consistently demonstrated over its 30 years in the market that we are an organisation that genuinely cares for those we work with.


5. Aiming for Results


staying ahead of the fast changing business landscape, Pansing strives for results that are both valuable and value added. By tapping into our extensive network of products, services and people, Pansing develops solutions that effectively and creatively meet the needs of our partners.

Our dedicated team of employees and our distribution network and track record allow us to serve our partners better and respond speedily to market changes.


Our Scope of Business


Pansing Distribution HK provides a total integrated distribution services to clients.  Our service area includes physical publications distribution,  innovative marketing planning and concrete E-commerce setup. Through a team of dedicated and skilled professionals in different business arenas including Magazine Distribution, Lifestyle Products, Textbook Supply and Library Supply, Pansing Distribution HK stays as a leading player in the region.

Maintaining a strong alliance in southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia, it helps to enforce the strategic blueprint for the group.

Meanwhile, Pansing is also involved in retail business. We are the exclusive distributor of Hallmark in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. The retail business of Pansing covers both retail and wholesale distribution channel in Hong Kong. In retail channel, Hallmark shops and concession counters are independently owned and operated. In wholesale distribution channel, coverage includes department stores, supermarket chains, personal care stores, book shops, stationery shops, gift shops and more. Both channels coverage reach more than 600 sales rooftops.


In addition, we also provide corporate gifts customization and bulk sales business to ensure our products can fully meet various customer needs. We are committed to bring a tailor-made membership program to Hallmark's customers as well, comprising a wide range of discounts, gifts, coupons and points management. To provide our customers with excellent, personalized shopping experience.