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  • CultureShock! Philippines is a survival guide for anyone living, working or wanting to discover life in the Philippines. Settling into a foreign land is never easy, but with this book you will learn to understand the importance of “amor-propio”, appreciate the Filipino ways and learn about the history and culture of this diverse country.

  • CultureShock! San Francisco provides first-hand advice that will quickly help you feel at home in the City by the Bay. Come the know the city's eclectic and tenacious spirit, and understand its overpowering charm.

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    CultureShock! Thailand is the complete guide for those who wish to make sense of the fascinating, manifold and often contradictory aspects of this ancient kingdom. 

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  • CultureShock! India helps you understand this country that has more than 4,000 separate communities and where over 300 different languages are spoken. Learn to manoeuvre through the structure and varieties of Indian society, and appreciate the traditions and values that bind the people together despite their differences.

  • Culture Shock! Vietnam aims to be the definitive account of the country for travellers or those relocating to the country. Based primarily on the author’s first-hand experience in Vietnam, the book leads the reader on a journey that covers every aspect of arrival, settling in, integrating with local culture, and grappling with a wholly foreign language...

  • CultureShock! Japan will guide you through the confusion you will inevitably feel when moving to the Land of the Rising Sun. Peppered with personal anecdotes, this book gives practical advice on how to navigate Japan’s fascinating and complex culture with ease and what to expect at a typical izakaya with your fellow “salarymen” after a long day at work.

  • A city with a reputation to maintain, Melbourne is famous variously for being Australia’s coffee capital, the Europe of Australia and consistently ranked amongst the top most liveable cities in the world. CultureShock! Melbourne takes both long- and short-term residents through the city’s inner workings. 

  • CultureShock! Taiwan is full of helpful advice on what to expect when you settle into the country and how to enjoy your stay in the country. This book shares insights into understanding Taiwanese traditions and values as well as the lifestyles of the Taiwanese and how to relate to them as friends and in business. 

  • As one of the world’s largest Barbie collectors, Jian Yang always brings a doll with him on his travels. But something happened in Sri Lanka in May 2017 – he made his first doll dress out of toilet paper. He has not stopped since, and every night at every hotel he stayed in, a paper couture creation would be made.

  • This new edition of A Walking Tour Hong Kong is a study in contrasts as a collage of buildings old and new is set against a canvas of colonialism and modernism.

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